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“I need your help to create opportunity for all by building on the equity in our communities, our economy and by empowering the American people. America has been short changed. America needs a new deal. Reducing the high cost of medications while increasing real wages is a goal we should have for all of us. We need to increase the minimum wage rate to an amount that will provide a living wage for the aspiring middle class. Corporations and Wall Street own Washington and we need Washington back in the hands of the people. Strategic de-investment in education and the outsourcing of government responsibility has closed the door of opportunity for the average American. Americans deserve a top public education system, fair wages, and better jobs.

I will serve the American people by fighting for the protection of our environment, our safety and our individual rights as citizens of the United States as provided for in the Constitution. My promise is to bring opportunity to those who have been forgotten by Washington.”

Join my effort to bring opportunity to the constituents of Texas Congressional District 32 and all Texans. Click here to get started.