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TX-32 candidate George Rodriguez publicly endorsed by high-profile figures

Dallas, TX, Feb. 21, 2018: George Rodriguez, Democratic candidate for TX-32, endorsed by ‘Good Doctor’ actor Nicholas Gonzalez and Marcos G. Ronquillo, respected attorney and advocate

Democrat George Rodriguez, one of seven Democratic candidates running for the TX-32 seat currently held by Republican Pete Sessions, has been formally and publicly endorsed by two very high-profile supporters: actor Nicholas Gonzalez and esteemed attorney Marcos G. Ronquillo.

“It is a tremendous honor to have these two endorsements from community activists like Nick and Marcos,” Rodriguez said. “Nick has been a champion of immigrant and Hispanic issues throughout the nation. Marcos is well respected for his professionalism and his commitment to community service. I am just thrilled to have received this type of support at a national and local level.”

Nicholas Gonzalez, a native Texan best known as an actor in ABC’s The Good Doctor and Pretty Little Liars, The CW’s The Flash, and multiple other television and movie roles, released his endorsement of Rodriguez today from the set of The Good Doctor. For years, Gonzalez and Rodriguez have volunteered together at the National Hispanic Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to the future leadership needs of the global Hispanic community.

In his video endorsement, Gonzalez praises Rodriguez as a community advocate and devoted family man who’s answered the call to serve. He calls on voters to choose George because he’s not a career politician, but rather, a candidate in touch with the needs of his district and his community.

Gonzalez took to Twitter yesterday to announce his endorsement, pinning the Tweet to the top of his profile.

Yesterday, esteemed Dallas attorney Marcos G. Ronquillo publicly endorsed George, citing the need for new leadership and for change, because Americans have “had enough.”

“Our party needs new leadership. Community leaders that are academically prepared, with a track record of success in the private and public sectors, professionals that have and continue to give back to our community and are willing to build bridges and not the walls that further divide us,” Ronquillo said. “I have known George for quite some time and I know he has the skill set and proven track record to lead and bring us together, and we are fortunate to have a person of his caliber to step forward and serve not only our Party but more importantly our country. No more politicians please!”

Ronquillo is an award-winning and highly recognized attorney who has practiced trial law for more than 35 years. Just last month, Ronquillo was named one of the most powerful business leaders in Dallas-Fort Worth by D CEO in its annual edition of the Dallas 500. He is a past recipient of the State Bar of Texas Presidents’ Special Citation Award and Outstanding Lawyer of the Year Award from the Texas Mexican Bar Association. Since 2016, he’s been a “Nation’s Top One Percent” designee by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. He’s also been awarded the national “Spirit of Excellence Award” by the American Bar Association, National Commission on Minority Lawyers. He’s previously served as President of the Dallas Mexican American Bar Association and as former Chairman of the Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. In 2011, Hispanic Business Magazine named him one of the “100 Most Influential Hispanics” in the U.S, and received the “Maestro Award for Leadership” from Latino Leaders Magazine. In 2016, he was included on Latino Leaders Magazine’s “Top 25 Hispanic Attorneys” in the nation.

Ronquillo has been highly involved in local public service, having served on a number of boards and commissions, such as the Dallas Museum of Art, DART, Children’s Medical Center, and the United States/Mexico Bi-National Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves on the Smithsonian National Latino Center Advisory Board, The Smithsonian National Campaign Steering Committee and The Institute of Latino Studies Advisory Council, University of Notre Dame.


For more information on George Rodriguez, the information in this press release, or the issues, please contact Kathleen Thorson at or 214.226.5949.

A Message from George: Women’s Rights and Equality

The issues facing elected representatives and candidates in 2018 are many: immigration, school shootings, foreign meddling in our democratic system, health care, and climate change are only a handful of the grave matters that elected representatives are tasked with handling and solving.

However, women are also a vital and powerful part of the discourse in this country right now. High-profile allegations of sexual abuse and harassment fill the news, with everyone from famous Hollywood figures to elected representatives being accused.

We have a president who has been recorded making disrespectful comments about how he treats women. Just this week, on Feb. 20, Trump tweeted to deny allegations that he kissed a woman, Rachel Crooks, without consent at Trump Towers in 2006. Crooks had previously gone public about the incident, but on Monday, Feb. 19, The Washington Post published a front-page story about it because Crooks – one of 19 women who’ve accused the president of sexual assault – is still wondering “Is anyone listening?”.

Instead of using his position to apologize for any possible wrongdoing and encourage a respectful and equal culture, Trump not only denied the incident ever happened but also accused his accusers of making up stories for financial gain. He intimated that he wouldn’t do something “so stupid” in a public place that contains security cameras. And, as usual, he took the opportunity to attach the Fourth Estate, calling the Post “fake news”.

Thinking what he is capable of without the fear of security cameras sends chills down my spine, and I’m sickened by the culture of pervasive sexual misconduct that trickles down from the highest office in the land. To add insult to injury, District 32’s current representative, Pete Sessions, endorsed Trump in the 2016 presidential election and has continued to support the president, regardless of his many dangerous follies and blunders.

But women are standing up and saying no more. Crooks is running as a Democrat for Ohio’s state legislature, citing her incident with Trump as a motivating factor to run for public office. She has told interviewers that she’s still struggling to be heard over the 2006 incident, and she wants to fight to make meaningful change. As a candidate from a historically underrepresented demographic, I can relate to her passion as a changemaker who wants to give voice to the unheard.

Crooks’ demand to be heard and her run for public office gives me optimism that women are fighting back. I was also very moved by last fall’s #metoo movement on social media. I was heartened that women were going public with their stories, and in doing so, finding a community of other victims, as well as a community of men and women who want to support and fight for these brave women.

Crooks and #metoo aren’t the only examples of female empowerment and action we’ve seen lately. Last fall, Alabama Republican Roy Moore ran for Senate in a special election. Moore has been repeatedly and credibly accused of child molestation and sexual assault. However, as December’s special election neared, the country held its breath: despite the allegations swirling around Moore, Trump endorsed him, and 63% percent of white women in Alabama supported Moore (that number rises to 76% among white evangelical women). Even down to the wire, it seemed Moore would carry the election over his Democratic opponent Doug Jones.

Then, something incredible happened. In the late hours of December 12, 2017, Jones won the election by a slim margin – a 1.7% advantage over Moore. By the wee hours of December 13, political analysts were already largely attributing the Democrat’s victory to one thing: black women in Alabama had turned out in force to vote. Ninety-eight percent of black women (and 96% of black voters overall) voted for Jones.

In Alabama, a Republican stronghold that’s long clung to its Confederate roots, black women had their say on that December day. The entire nation owes those voters a debt of gratitude for stopping the elevation of a known sexual deviant and for refusing to stand by in a state where they’ve long been oppressed.

Personally, I owe them a debt of gratitude for showing the nation just how powerful voting is.

In the more than two decades I’ve been married to my beautiful wife, Michelle, we’ve been partners in everything from our home to our business. Michelle has always been my equal in every way, although society hasn’t exactly caught up. Women are still paid less than men; in Trump’s White House, women are paid 63 cents for every dollar earned by men – a pay gap that is epidemic in this nation.

Women face challenges of inequality and an environment of hostility at every turn. Health care proposals exclude coverage for victims of sexual assault, and Planned Parenthood lives under the constant threat of being defunded.

As a husband and as the father of a young man and a teenage girl, I’m saddened by the hostile, misogynistic attitude and environment in this nation – it’s completely unacceptable in modern America. What I want for my children is what I believe most Americans want: young men who are raised to respect and revere women and young women who can grow into adulthood without living in fear and exist in a society that seems dead-set on stripping them of their rights.

To do my part to combat the war on women, I’ve worked with groups like Women of Dallas United and The Surly Feminists, a group that formed after the 2016 election to empower women to take political action. I participate in forums hosted by the League of Women Voters. Through the National Hispanic Institute, I mentor and train young women toward success.

As a member of Congress, I will fight for:

  • Equal pay for equal work – this is a fundamental principle.
  • Women to have the right to sue if they’re victims of salary discrimination.
  • Funding for Planned Parenthood and other healthcare providers for women who are shut out of the current system.
  • A woman’s health decisions to be between her, her doctor, and her family. Keep government out of it.

As your elected representative for District 32, I will apply the principles I’ve been practicing my whole life: upholding equality for women, and protecting women’s interests. My principles are ingrained in me, and D.C. can’t change that.

As your representative, I will make sure women’s voices are heard in Washington. Please join me in unseating Pete Sessions, the District 32 representative who has backed Trump from the beginning and long opposed abortion rights.

Help me help you fight for what’s right.

A message from George Rodriguez

Following George Washington’s death in 1799, his birthday – February 22nd – became a perennial day of remembrance for this nation’s first president. By 1870, Washington’s birthday became a federal holiday. By the late 1960s, the newly anointed “Presidents’ Day” was moved to the third Monday of February as part of The Uniform Monday Holiday Act. This Act included a provision to combine Washington’s Birthday with Abraham Lincoln’s, which fell on the proximate date of February 12th.

Over the last century and a half, Presidents’ Day has become a day of patriotic celebration and remembrance, as well as a day to hearten the American people. In its original form as a February 22nd holiday celebrating Washington’s birthday, portraits of Washington appeared on the cover of magazines and newspapers during the Great Depression – a way to encourage faith among the struggling masses.

February 22nd was used, in 1932, to reinstate the Purple Heart, a military honor originally created by Washington to honor those killed or wounded in service of America. For decades, the date has given patriotic groups reason to hold celebrations that honor this great nation.

In its many incarnations, Presidents’ Day’s intent has always been to honor presidents like Washington and Lincoln, American leaders who were integral to forming and protecting the America we know today.

On this Presidents’ Day, I have been reflecting on the meaning of the Office of the President. This esteemed Office, held by truly visionary and progressive leaders like  Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Texas’s own Lyndon B. Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, truly serves to represent America not only to Americans, but to the rest of the world. The Office should be one of dignity, honor, and respect, and on this Presidents’ Day, I worry that the Office of the President is failing to uphold the values of dignity, honor, and respect. Congress is failing to remind the President that his duty is to protect and honor this nation, its people, and its international relationships. Holding the Office of the President is a sacred duty. It should not be abused or corrupted by special and financial interests, the meddling of dangerous foreign entities that seek to undermine our democracy, or used as a platform for an unqualified man to spread messages of hate, exclusion, and disruptive diplomatic notions.

As a member of Congress, I will insist that the Office of the President be held accountable to its historical precedent of an honorable role that upholds the values of dignity, honor, and respect. I will fight against any dangerous and ill-informed policies the President attempts to enact, policies that could endanger our nation and crack the foundation on which this nation was built: a nation for everyone, with equality and justice for all.

Join me this Presidents’ Day in celebrating the accomplishments of the great Presidents who have held this office, and join me on March 6 by voting for Democratic representatives who seek to uphold America’s dignity, not undermine it.

Press Release: TX-32 candidate George Rodriguez designated ‘Certified Progressive’

Dallas, TX, Feb. 19, 2018: George Rodriguez, Democratic candidate for TX-32, receives designation from the Progress Texas Institute

Today, the Progress Texas Institute released a list of 28 “Certified Progressive” candidates running for Congress. Democratic candidate for District 32, George Rodriguez, a longtime Dallas and District 32 resident and business owner, made the list.

“I have been a fan of Progress Texas for a long time and I am honored to have been recognized by them.” Rodriguez said. “They recognize the importance of standing up for Texans and fighting extremist ideology that hurts all of us.”

To make the cut, candidates had to prove they are ready and willing to take on the fight for at least 22 flippable districts in Texas in the upcoming election cycles. The Primary Election is March 6, and the Nov. 6, 2018, midterm election will pit District 32’s Democratic primary winner against a Republican opponent; very likely, the current and incumbent District 32 representative, Pete Sessions.

Per the Progress Texas website, a Certified Progressive “pledged to fight for Texans’ progressive values and stand with us on all the issues.” Progress Texas asked candidates to answer a 10-point survey to make sure true progressives make their way to November’s ballot in the most competitive races. Those candidates who answered affirmatively to all the survey’s points were certified.

The survey’s 10 questions included Economic Opportunity and Workers’ Rights, Health Care, Public Education and Affordable College, Reproductive Freedom and Abortion Access, LGBTQ Equality, Voting Rights and Democracy, Immigrant Rights, Criminal and Racial Justice, Climate Change and Environmental Protection, and Sensible Gun Reform.

“We are about economic fairness and creating opportunity for all Texans,” Rodriguez said. “As Democrats, we have a moral obligation to address the inequality in our country and the struggles of working-class Americans.”

Two of George’s six TX-32 Democratic primary opponents, Ed Meier and Ron Marshall, were not technically certified. This is made evident on the Progress Texas website, where their pictures are greyed out. Per Progress Texas, Meier did not respond to the survey at all, and Marshall did not answer affirmatively to all the survey’s questions.

To view the Progress Texas list, find it here:


For more information on George Rodriguez, the information in this press release, or the issues, please contact Kathleen Thorson at or 214.226.5949.

Comunicado de Prensa: George Rodriguez, candidato para distrito TX-32, es designado como “Progresista Certificado”


Dallas, TX, 19 febrero 2018: George Rodriguez, candidato demócrata para TX-32, recibe la designación de parte del Instituto Progress Texas

Hoy, el Instituto Progress Texas publicó una lista de 28 candidatos “Progresistas Certificados” corriendo para congreso.

Candidato Demócrata para el distrito 32, George Rodriguez, residente de la ciudad de Dallas y el distrito de varios años y dueño de negocio, fue incluido en la lista.

“He apoyado el trabajo de Progress Texas por mucho tiempo y es un honor recibir este reconocimiento de parte de ellos.” dijo Rodriguez. “Ellos reconocen la importancia de defender a Tejanos y rechazar ideología extremista que nos daña a todos.”

Para ser incluido en la lista, candidatos tuvieron que demostrar que estaban listos y dispuestos en tomar la lucha en uno de los 22 distritos que puede cambiar de partido en Texas en las siguientes elecciones. Las primarias serán el 6 de marzo, y para las elecciones intermedias, el 6 de noviembre del 2018, el candidato demócrata ganador de la primaria para el distrito 32 se enfrentará contra el contrincante Republicano; muy probable, el actual representante para distrito 32, Pete Sessions.

Según el sitio de web de Progress Texas, un Progressista Certificado “jura luchar por los valores progresistas de Tejanos y apoyarnos en todos los temas importantes.” Progress Texas le pidió a los candidatos contestar una encuesta para asegurar que únicamente los candidatos realmente fieles a los valores progresistas sean los que nos representen en las elecciones más competitivas en noviembre. Los candidatos que respondieron en lo afirmativo a todas las preguntas de la encuesta fueron certificados.

Las 10 preguntas de la encuesta incluyeron Oportunidades Económicas y Derechos de Trabajadores, Seguro Medico, Educación Pública y Universitaria Accesible, Derechos Reproductivos y Acceso al Aborto, Igualdad para la comunidad LGBTQ, Derecho al Voto y la democracia, Derechos de Inmigrantes, Justicia Penal y Racial, Calentamiento Global y Protección al Medioambiente y Control de Armas.

“Somos al favor de una economía justa y creando oportunidades para todos los Tejanos,” dijo Rodriguez. “Como Demócratas, tenemos una obligación moral en hablar sobre la desigualdad en nuestro país y las dificultades de la clase trabajadora de estadunidenses.”

Dos de los seis contrincantes de George en la primaria del distrito 32, Ed Meier y Ron Marshall, no fueron certificados. Esto es destacado en la pagina de web de Progress Texas, donde sus imágenes están en gris. Según Progress Texas, Meier no contesto ninguna de las preguntas y Marshall no contesto en lo afirmativo a todas las preguntas.

Para ver la lista de Progress Texas, le puede encontrar aqui:


Para más informacion sobre el candidato, George Rodriguez, la informacion en este comunicado, o los temas, favor de comunicarse con Kathleen Thorson a o al 214.226.5949.

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